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Our company is engaged in the development, production, and sale of mobile container breweries under the name SMART BREWERY. Its services also include a supply of raw materials for beer production and consultancy in the brewing industry. SMART BREWERY is represented by a team of experts, designers, and technologists. They introduced the first fully-fledged brewery in a standardized shipping container under the SMART BREWERY brand after two years of development. The container brewery now makes available technology for brewing quality beer all over the world. The universal technology hidden in the shipping containers allows their users to brew classic Czech beer of Pilsner type, fermented specialties, and all types of beer. In addition to producing container breweries, SMART BREWERY helps with the training of staff, providing raw materials and preparation of the user's own beer formula. Through the business partners in the countries where the breweries are delivered, they care about the warranty and post-warranty service.